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Your number one goal when constructing an e-commerce website is to see a return on your investment. Which becomes even easier with our incredibly low cost packages that offer all needed online store features. We create websites with the vision of converting prospects into customers who love the shopping experience so much they keep coming back for more.

Our sites are easily manageable from the admin area with features such as coupons, sales reports, multiple shipping and tax options, inventory handling, multiple payment options, social sharing, ratings, customer accounts, product filtering and search and customer email subscriptions.

Website FAQs

E-Commerce Features

Get an overview of your stores performance including; incoming sales, reviews, stock levels & much more from your admin area.
Option of offering free shipping, or flat rate shipping.
Tax is the last thing you want to think about. But we have made it simple, configure tax settings with tax classes & local tax rates.
Manage your digital or physical products in the easy to use admin area. Assign store managers to handle the day to day inventory management.
Customers can share your products on popular social media networks such as Facebook. You can offer a discount when the customer shares the contents of there cart over Facebook.
Options of accepting payment through PayPal Standard who accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and more. Other options include direct bank transfer and cash on pick-up/ delivery.
Run coupon campaigns offering various discount options as well as free shipping.
Shipping Calculator
Shipping costs can be calculated before they checkout using our convenient shipping calculator.
Customers can leave product reviews with ratings.
Product filtering
Customers can filter the results they want by categories.
Account panel
Your customers can log in and easily manage their orders and details in the convenient admin panel.
Email Subscriptions/ Marketing
Keep your customers up to date with the latest deals and promotions via email.

Web Hosting & Maintenance

Web Space
In order to publish a website online, you need a web hosting. The web host stores all of the pages, images and other data of your website and makes them available to computers connected to the Internet. When somebody visits your website it is loaded from your web host and then displayed to the visitor. With our unlimited hosting you never have to worry about adding to much data and having to upgrade your plan.

Monthly Transfer
Monthly transfer also known as bandwidth is the amount of data sent back and forth between the users and server (web host) computers. Most web hosts restrict this amount so that when your online presence grows and you get more and more people visiting your site you need to upgrade your package. But with our unlimited plan there is nothing stopping you from having over 10,000+ visits per day.

Email Accounts
Create unlimited email addresses with your domain name extension, for example if your domain name is and your name is Dave you could have an email address like
You can access your email any time through a PC (Microsoft Outlook) or Mac (Apple Mail) mail client, mobile device (iPhone) and many other platforms.

Security Updates
We take security very seriously! It’s not only the big sites that get attacked by hackers trying to take down your site or steal sensitive information such as user credentials and credit card information. In 2013 Alexa did a report of 40,000+ websites in the top 1 million and found that over 70% had security vulnerabilities because they were not updating their software regularly enough. We can’t stress enough the importance of constant security updates and monitoring.

Web Compatibility Updates
The last thing you want is to look at your website on the newest device and realise that it is not compatible or looks horribly distorted. We constantly update our sites to make sure that they are always evolving as new technology is released. You have the piece of mind of never having to ask if your website is compatible with any new product release as the answer will always be YES. Don’t fall behind like many sites did when the mobile and device revolution happened.

Access to Knowledgebase
Our knowledgebase covers all the information you need to manage your site with instructional videos and tutorials. This ultimately saves you money and removes the need to ring up and ask for new products to be added, changes to be made to the prices of your products or edits to the wording.

Website Design


Have a traditional boxed layout or a modern wide layout.

Top Bar

Include a top bar in your site to add phone numbers, social links or client login buttons.

Home Page Slider

Have an amazing slider on your home page to showcase your newest products, portfolio items and much more.

Google Ad-words

Get $100 Google Ad-Words credit as a bonus when you spend your first $25. You can use this on things such as YouTube Ads, On-Page Ads, Search Ads and much more.

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